Now that we are you can directly email any of our writers!

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(try if you aren’t getting a quick enough response)


E-mail us anything! Questions, comments and concerns are all welcome!

If you’re not into that old fashion e-mail stuff you can tweet at us @ogpoetry or write on out Facebook wall.


Please note that this site is and not We are in no way affiliated with the other Original Poetry website. Please enjoy our site!


If you want yet another way, fill out the form below!


4 responses to “Contact

  • Ana Perez

    I want to know what happened to the Original poetry site? I have tons 0f my original poems on my profile there and I can’t just find it!! it directs me to my facebook and I can’t log in there ! Can someone shed some light here for me I’d like to retrieve my poems>>

  • Danny Spann

    I was a member in 2006..I had no reason for being there nor do I know how I got there..I won the contest with “ON PREASTURES LAKE”, My email at the time was User name Qualin..I would love to re’establish my original site with the 15 poems I wrote..thanks DannySpann 270-933-5933

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