Guerrillero Heroico


Gleaming with

a Deadly pride

and with Unifying drive as his guide,

the Revolutionary seeks to find out why

these Capitalist octopuses Try

to exploit and buy

Innocent lives,

his Unimaginable motivation

and suicidal dedication

Is his own Enemies creation;

Latinos who can’t read

and pregnant woman who

Work until their fingers bleed,

It’s time for change!

Dictators, corruption, keeping us in chains!

exploitation and violence surrounds,

It’s time to get up off the ground!

Wasting our time fueling grinkos corporations

Brothers and sisters,

Pick up your gun!

Bullets and Blood calling his heart,

Hate is what makes The fire start

within his mind, Driving his advance

Action is the chance!

Brothers and Sisters!

can’t you see they must die?

Now Communists, Russians

with Ballistic missiles!

Defying the forces of inhumanity,

He’ll realize that He cannot Die;

deadly intelligence in his eye

Courage pulsing through his veins with every motion,

Proud, Stoic.

Admirable to sway emotion,

Determination as cannot be found!

Nothing will stand in his way,

traitors have a price to pay.

Animalistic, blood-thirsty hunger for

the heads of sadistic Leaders

who would betray their people

to blinding greed!

in His unstoppable onslaught he strives to lead

a people to victory but

Now they call me

Gruesome, ruthless,

However truthless

they may be, I am made

the Enemy;

When government is no longer ‘fair,’


is in the Air,

and he will be there


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3 responses to “Guerrillero Heroico

  • earthslang

    Even though there have been numerous homages to el Che, this offers something fresh and summarizes a lot of issues that continue to this present day. Written emphatically and in the spirit of his followers. Well done!

    • marcofreschi

      Ernesto Guavara was one of the most intriguing characters in history; a man who believed that dictators were only taken down to be replaced with men with good intentions, only to later themselves turn to tyrants (which was the case with his friend fidel castro in cuba), he was also highly intelligent, while at the same time barbarically ferocious and ruthless in his diamond-hard determination to free South American countries from the exploitation of north american corporations and fruit companies and his crusade to bring down the dictators who fueled them at the expense of their people. the poverty and injustice that he found across south america were really what propelled him with such a vicious and sometimes even cruel determination for social reform. I didnt write this poem to glorify che or to diss the guy, I just think he was a man who played a significant part in the world; it’s not too often in the modern world that a revolutionary warrior just goes on a rampage and fights for justice with blood-thirsty, unstoppable drive on almost a global level- he was one ardent Argentine; to some more admirable than any other man to ever live, and to some a bloodthirsty monster who bought fidel castro to power. im just writin poetry

  • usagoalie30


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