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Face bent in an

Unending frown and

Unhappily laughing

at Fraudulent company

Trying to fit in to a

World with standards

That are seemingly

Unreachable, untouchable

sired by masked butchers

Struggling to be herself

when she is Afraid

she isn’t good enough

Hungrily staring at

the screen and Desperately

trying to create

that Illusion

that Everything she does

isn’t just to protect this

delusional structured Pattern

of Pity and misguided intention

and flattering Insanity

Her mind lost in a

Societies Venomous touch,

confused and Sometimes

Regretting her Whole-hearted

Devotion to fit in

to this Television world

of glamorous Emptiness

and Sometimes

Hating herself

for falling scared

Helpless and shackled, in

Invisible chains does she

freely walk about,

Seeing the World

through a distorting haze

her vision Fades

with Eyes half-shut

The Infernal, complex,

and Invincible structure

that Haunts her in

her dreams and drives

Her Insaine that

she is obsessed

addicted and




In the shade of Night when you are all alone Nobody is there And you wimper and moan And the Devil calls No sound escapes when you try to scream When you close your eyes tight And squeeze your hands in prayer To God that isn’t there When you’re in the Dark and there is No light In the shade of Night When you are scared In the Blackness all around you, there are Ugly Razor Murder teeth and lidless eyes that never sleep and Satan is there Trembling Nightmare Absolute horror Just close eyes tight and wait

All because of Hate


Hair grown long

And Nails are sharp

Teeth are barred

And shoulders up

Grinning with

animalistic lust

Snarling fangs

and paws for hands

Into the woods,

To Wolfish lands

The Endless Race

When you want something

you just don’t know.

How do you get

somewhere you can’t go?

Dream of stars and space

will I ever win this endless race?

Be all that you can be,

well I tried but it’s taking an eternity.

No where to run,

no where to hide,

just left behind these sunken eyes.

The End

The beginning

will be like

The End

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