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SLAM! (work in progress)

Here’s the Deal:

My Bones are concrete and rebar steel, with copper-wire veins,

and my Telephone-pole legs

Run Electricity Through my Body to my Brain.

There’s street-art spray-painted across my Shoulder blades and scrawled along my Back,

and my hairs a goddam mess of tangled plastic bottles, butts And Bags.

I roar With Engines and diesel-coughing Motors,

Spitting Gears, Ears Bleeding oil from collision-caused Incisions

of scrap-metal fed into the Side of my bonafide Head,

Parking-lot weeds and dandelion seeds growing between

the cracks upon my Asphalt Skin. But

Here’s the thing;

When I turn on my headlight-Eyes and shine High-beams


onto broken Cinder Blocks and dead cops,

Here’s what I find;

The Loping packs of Hyena-Men,

circling you And staring Hungrily at your Ass,

undressing you and Feasting on you with their Eyes

Wide, yipping with just Lust and snapping Jaws,

tearing at your jeans and leggings with Claws,

gaping maws kissing your Cheeks,

covering you with blasts of hot breath and licking paws clean.

Puppies slammed Down Hard on Formica counter-tops,

the force of Impact cracking their little Puppy-teeth,

making them Bleed

before they’re tossed Limp into boiling vats of cloudy water,

World-wide Hunger

Puppy Soup for the Starving unclean Philippines.

Clips sliding neatly Into the Chambers of Guns

(paid for by Hippie pot-loving funds!) and click Clink cha-CHINK

then BAM

painted Brains on a Mexican street!

Woah So gruesome, that’s an ugly way to word it,

Give me another rip of that dank-Ass Shit, another Hit

and let’s sit and watch a funny movie and trip…

I find funny people Holding their Hands over their ears trying not to Hear

the sounds of words like Nigger, the same people who

are walking contradictions, The ones who contribute to gentrification

and the segregation of peoples

but also think that whites and blacks will someday be equals?

I don’t know

The world’s a circus show, just go with the flow

and pick up a Hoop.

Just sometimes

the shit that I see

really starts

to get to me

the Center of the World (and WHAT a center!!)

Homeless and pregnant-

please help…

Oh God

This cardboard sign isn’t a joke

It’s not a scam to get your money

I am going to die,

and so will my child

Please help…

croaked the woman in Manhattan

as 8 million people passed her by.

The White Chicken

So much depends



the off white



with their yellow



and life giving


this one’s for the dreamers

this one’s for the dreamers,

who believe in life after death;

Go wherever life may take you,

and never hold your breath.

But no matter how or where you’re led,

Remember to Always

keep Polaris overhead.

listen (seriously)

Don’t do drugs, but always stay high

don’t get rich, but be sure to get by

Break the rules, but always be cool

be mature, but never a bore

Try new things every day,

Hitchhike across

the USA

Explore the limits to learn their ends,

Be very careful

with who you call friends

don’t love violence, but never deny it,

Know the time to be loud

but also when to be Quiet

Do everything you want to do,

but just be sure

To do it for you.


There’s a wolf running loose in the Meadowlands,

with a murderous slack-jawed grin

God only knows how hard I tried,

but I just couldn’t hold him in…


A wolf behind the wheel of a car

is sprinting down Route 3,

The rush of PATH trains through Secaucus

have somehow set him Free


He’s listening to Led Zeppelin and T. Rex

with his eyes rolled back in his head,

And I fear If I don’t catch him soon

He’ll wind up shot or dead.

Lessons Learned

if you should see a tree,

then climb that shit promptly!

if you should come across a square,

Always be prepared

To turn it into a rhombus.

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