Lessons Learned

if you should see a tree,

then climb that shit promptly!

if you should come across a square,

Always be prepared

To turn it into a rhombus.

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One response to “Lessons Learned

  • ayyandj


    It is more than a century
    This has been living on earth
    On the road side, many of us
    Have seen while passing by

    This has given shelter to birds
    Insect, bats and all kinds human used
    To stay below for shadow safe
    Now it is about half passed night

    I was passing by three, it started
    To put a message and requesting
    Me to save it, as some persons are going
    To chop it with no reason, just for removing

    From the earth to have clear way
    What can I do at this point?
    They will chop with sharp axe
    May pain the tree dying

    What is the mistake it has done?
    So it is repenting to have justice
    On the cruelly thinking of the some
    Action going to happen

    I am helpless as they chapped in a small
    Time and left every branches on ground
    The roots are cut to pieces and roped
    All together bleeding the strength out

    No more to think out the existence of the tree
    It is dead and gone
    It may be used as wooden panel in furniture
    May be known even after dead

    -AYYAN DJ –

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