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Face bent in an

Unending frown and

Unhappily laughing

at Fraudulent company

Trying to fit in to a

World with standards

That are seemingly

Unreachable, untouchable

sired by masked butchers

Struggling to be herself

when she is Afraid

she isn’t good enough

Hungrily staring at

the screen and Desperately

trying to create

that Illusion

that Everything she does

isn’t just to protect this

delusional structured Pattern

of Pity and misguided intention

and flattering Insanity

Her mind lost in a

Societies Venomous touch,

confused and Sometimes

Regretting her Whole-hearted

Devotion to fit in

to this Television world

of glamorous Emptiness

and Sometimes

Hating herself

for falling scared

Helpless and shackled, in

Invisible chains does she

freely walk about,

Seeing the World

through a distorting haze

her vision Fades

with Eyes half-shut

The Infernal, complex,

and Invincible structure

that Haunts her in

her dreams and drives

Her Insaine that

she is obsessed

addicted and



the whim

There once was a boy, tall and thin

who took a train ride on a whim

the train took him to the depths of hell

where he sat a rang a solitary bell

and in the early morning when the clock struck thrice

he was fed a single bowl of plain, white rice

this is how he spent his lonely days

his mind stuck in a foggy haze

he decided one day to try and leave

only to find the devil is impossible to decieve

so he was stuck there in the depths of hell

ringing his lonely, solitary bell

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