Masters of the Universe

Let’s make History,

You and I.

Right here, right now,


In this air, these stars,

This Night is ours!

Release these Wolves

and sound the alarms

This Night

is ours.

Take off that Mask to reveal

that beneath it all

Right now is Real.

Fire the guns and

Sunder the Seas!

Be everything you can be

Explode into a Supernova

of Ecstasy,

Colours and Sounds.

Breathe in Eternity

This Night is ours!

No turning back

A headstrong Attack

Challenging Everything you know

After all,

What have I got to show?

Turn to Face


that’s all it takes.

One last Chance,

the dramatic climax,

The deep breathe before the plunge

This is it boys,

One last Lunge.

The institutions of law

Will fall at our feet!

And grovel in submissive defeat

Let’s make history,

you and I

This Night

So we may never die.

This is one for the Books!

They’ll write it down,

And all that it took

was to Burn this Town!

A night to remember

One last time,

So gather your courage

and all you have left,

And pack every fist full

of your last dying breathe

Because Tonight

We own the World

and tonight we will change it

and Life

is the edge of a knife

which the Universe rests on;

and Life

Is what ties us down,

a tether.

But we’ve found

A new way to live


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4 responses to “Masters of the Universe

  • cognifeeder

    This gives me an excited revolutionary feeling. Great words!

    • marcofreschi

      Thanks guys! This is about changing history, and making an ultimatum with life as you know it. I wrote this after reflecting upon the Defenestration of Prague at the outset of the 30 Years War…my mind is completely blown that a few Cardinals getting tossed out of a window into a trench of horse poop began a War which involved every major European power, and that these men are still being talked about 500 years later. At the time they were probs pretty pissed that they got tossed out a window, but now look! 500 years in the future they inspired Marco to write a poem! This is just what I happened to be thinking of at the time, but history is made of the people who do something worth remembering-those guys who got thrown into some poop are written about in books and historians make fun of them in the distant future! Kind of wild, just sort of makes me think. Like who da F was Jesus?? Either the son of an omniscient supreme being, or one seriously crazy bastard…
      thanks for reading Josh

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