Seal me Beneath the Earth

Away from all these People

In a muffled, older, lightless World

Take me under Deeper

to Catacombs untouched by Time

Away from Harm and Life and Rhyme

into a World of quiet Soil

beneath the Roots and Ancient oil

My path takes Me through these places

To Silent Close and Unseen spaces

Where the Oldest spirits Hide their Faces

Following that Hard stone Road

to the Centre of

the World I go

But Do Not try to Follow me

Down this pass no-one can See

and Leave no marker

Nor Grave upon the Surface

I cannot let those Above

know my Delving purpose

for Alone I tread to Darker,

Deeper Secret places

A journey with no Light to guide me

and A Hope no-one will Ever

Find me

So far underground,

There is

No Sound,

No Night or Day

and Here

I lay

at the very core of it all

My existance


and my body fails

Here in this Under-world

of Shadow sages

and Earthen walls

and Stalactite cages

Hidden from the Eye

of everything up High,

it’s here that I lie

Beneath it all,

and then comes that long

Breath’d Sigh

and that final Diamond-Hard


In the Dark

with no way to discern,

To the Dirt

I will Return


About marcofreschi

I live in the Ocean and write poetry View all posts by marcofreschi

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