Greetings, My inQuisitive Imagineers,

My So-journers and Spirit-ed Volunteers,

Consciousness, (and Less), Pioneers.

I am being sincere and,

though it may be unclear,

(and seemingly quite queer)

That I herald a message most severe,

no mere veneer,

but the Austere Premier of Idears!

So listen Closely with those rabbit ears

and Try to Listen close enough to Hear.

It is no joke that with-in you lies

A thousand million Rainbow ties,

Your immaculate,Invincible virgin Mind,

strung to Every particle, from here to the

End of Time!

And listen closely I implore,

for I feel you’ll like what I have in store;

The trick to it, you see,

(and I’m sure you’ll agree)

Is to pluck These Strings and

make them Sing

A song you want to Hear!

And no longer hold old  Reliances

upon the familiar laws of physical sciences,

but rather Unleash

this unreplicated Pastiche

and let the molecules

Therein begin

to strum and spin (even draw

a bow across them, like some atomic violin)

And follow the strings

Farther within

and The deeper you go in,

Encased in a Helix of lines,

Learn to read the rhymes and designs

and become redefined in kind

Until you’ve reached the Imaginarium,

A limitless Inter-Galactic planetarium

Such a Theatre as cannot be Found

Unless you make it right here

Rise out of the ground!

And You, my sweetling,

Are a Cosmic Conducter

of the percussion of a Supernovic Rupture!

And you are the Instructor who sings

and pulls upon the Threads of reality

Beyond the Euphoria of Sexuality,

Waving Hands to Orchestrate

as the Strings

of the Universe Reverberate

To the Music of the Nebula’s you Manipulate!

Symphonic, Harmonic,

Ultrasonic, Euphonic,


Let the instrumental stardust of Ecstasy

Set you Free

You Soothsayers

and Truth-sayers.

Imagineers, Grab a Wand

And make all that you see

What you want it to Be.


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I live in the Ocean and write poetry View all posts by marcofreschi

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