This is my exit,

This is where I get off.

It’s been a great drive,

though the going’s been tough.

Life in the Garden State

take your breathe away,

Driving you South

on that old Parkway

I seen some sights

That’ve made me think

and done some things

that make my heart sink.

Now my blinkers on

and I’m changing lanes

It’s time to go on

and head North for a change.

This goddam New Yorker

better get out my way,

Or else I’m going

South to stay.

It’s too late now,

the trap has already been sprung,

The curtains are closing on me

but I’m still so young…



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I live in the Ocean and write poetry View all posts by marcofreschi

2 responses to “Exit

  • Sam Yip

    Im on the fence of interpreting this poem as a poem of death, or a poem about making a very important life decision. Seeing “and done some things, that make my heart sink”, really makes me think that somehow the poet has created a scene where he has done something horrible (murder, burglary) and has come to regret it immensely. This poor decision eventually leads to self destruction at the end, while having a tingle of regret, saying “but I’m still so young…”. I may not interpret this the way you intended it to be, so please give me some feedback. Great work overall, very nice poem

    • marcofreschi

      I guess what I meant with this poem is that my life was heading south, and I can see the exit, a way to turn it around, and if I miss that exit, it’s all kind of over you know? Mistakes were made but there’s that one shot, the exit to get onto parkway North, and I’d better not let anybody get in my way lest I miss that chance. Hey thanks for reading and taking the time to think about this, it means a lot

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