Garden State of Mind

I gotta get up outta here

for justa little while;

Maybe head to Avalon

Egg Harbour or Sea Isle.

Drive straight out Route 23

past Bergen into Butler,

See the sights there are to see,

and Run a little further.

From May’s Landing to Passaic

and every exit in between

From Mahwah down to Lodi

All the way to Brigantine.

Feelin like a winter’s night

in Camden or AC,

Just give me some time alone to drive

and I’ll go back to bein me.

I think it just is


That everybody needs

some Highway signs…

I Don’t know where I’m gonna go

in this wild-hearted chase,

from Garfield to down to Glassboro,

I’ll tour the Garden State.

Gonna drive every county road

Till these feelins goes away,

I’ll ride this state to death tonight

from Brunswick to Galloway.

New Jersey turnpike, Paterson,

it doen’t really matter,

Through the neighborhoods of Clifton

to the streets of East Hanover;

Have a slice of pizza

here in Little Falls,

see the beauty of Paramus

Then head on out to Wall.

Pass a million different faces

And stories on the way

Maybe I can find myself tonight

on a bustop in Piscataway.

I don’t know if they’re looking for me,

and I couldn’t really care

It’s a lonely road to Parsippany

and I’m hardly halfway there.

Hackensack is where I’m told

I had my first baby breath of air,

Hoboken and Seacaucus

didn’t seem to care.

I swear I’m not so crazy

Standing out here in the dark

In the shadowed streets of Neptune

or the boards of Asbury Park.

Just restless feelings

and license plates

and years of life

In the Garden State.


About marcofreschi

I live in the Ocean and write poetry View all posts by marcofreschi

One response to “Garden State of Mind

  • marcofreschi

    wow thank you so much, that really means a lot to us. I’m so glad you like my post, and thrilled to hear that you’ll be back

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