Thoughts that Rhyme

Take me to Canaan,

to that blessed land

Where Messiahs walked

and teachers taught

From cities made in sand.

The whole world’s dick

is in it’s hand,

and they’re trading nervous looks;

but Israel a Jewish State?

I don’t think Murders in that book.

This can’t keep happening forever,

somebody’s got

to pull the lever pretty soon,

Russia sits and mocks the West

as they play the game,

Africas forgotten still

(Has anything really changed?)

And all you Tamils

better run for the hills,

Cause Sri Lanka’s got more camps to fill

So get on over to Australia,

See if Tony Abbott’ll have ya.

Don’t take what I’m  writing to heart,

it’s just a little poem,

I just want to play my part,

(some things are better thought than spoken)

All this is exciting,

but it’s three whole worlds away!

I can’t be concerned with human rights

when I’ve got work today.


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I live in the Ocean and write poetry View all posts by marcofreschi

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