for the love of garbage (sighs in the dark)

why is it That I can love so much,

and yet, when it comes to loving a person,

I can’t get it out right?

I love plastic bags

and the George Washington bridge,

I love seagulls and polluted rivers

and crabbing on the side of the AC expressway,

but there’s some dumb part of me,

installed into my hard drive by a lifetime of programming

and generations of societal norms

That prevents me from saying

I love you

to another human being,

another creature of the same tortured species;

why are we made this way?

needless to say,

maybe someday

I’ll turn into a butterfly

and flutter away

and even though I like to think

that I’m fine by myself,

humans are complexly social animals

with a genetic desire for connectedness and dependency,

the way things are now

I get kind of lonely.


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I live in the Ocean and write poetry View all posts by marcofreschi

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