no one can pamper you

like a Mother can.

no one makes better mac and cheese;

or hot chocolate

just after you’ve come inside

from building a snow fort.

no one makes a better breakfast

on a lazy Sunday.

no one gives a better hug

than a Mother can.

no one gives better advice

when you don’t know what you’re doing

with your life.

no one is more comforting

when you’re having a rough day.

hell, No One else knows you well enough

to notice something was wrong.


2 responses to “Mother

  • ayyandj


    Fire is one of the five prime factors
    That is inter related with air
    And light just that of sun in the sky
    Fire is just opposite to water

    Fire is a burning sense producing
    Heat energy and flaming light
    Which can be seen in lighting
    Of a candle or making fire stand
    For cooking food in kitchen

    Fire makes destruction
    When it is taking role
    Spreading all over the places
    Of a building by electrical short
    Circuit, bundles of hay kept
    Open at open place
    Catch fire by sun heat
    Whole of them burnt and gone
    In smoke

    We have seen bamboo forest
    Burnt in fire due to fire broke
    When bamboos made friction
    One to other by air in force
    Dancing with its body

    Fire in stomach of poor person
    Is due to hunger, this can go
    Away by eats, fruits and rice cooked
    Foods of this kind

    But fire will come again and again
    In stomach
    And that will be fade away from
    Then and there to bring normal
    By eats
    ayyandj 05032015

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