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Goodnight, Iraq

A big thumbs up
To George and Cheney,
you both must feel so proud!
Chaos fear and violence reign
and refugees abound,
ISIS is a ton of fun
And they’ve really only
just begun.
And children dead?
Syrians with severed heads?
I really must applaud
the beauty of it all,
The expansion of US capitol
deserves a thanks from us all,
(it must’ve made somebody quite rich)
If this is the only
price to pay,
It’s no wonder we keep on doing this!
I feel disgusted
and fucking sick,
Business is business,
And that is this,
So go on Islamic State,
maybe we’ll aid
the caliphate,
Make some money while we can
As the world looks on in shock
America is doing great!
So good night, Iraq.


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