This is Your Brain

The Internet

is my brain.

Filled with

downloadable knowledge

and google searches.

no one thinks,

the answer’s at your


just believe the

wikipedia page

and continue life

within the cage.

2 responses to “This is Your Brain

  • earthslang

    Well said! The internet is making us dumber and smarter at the same time. But someday, when the singularity is here and we all have brain-computer interfaces, it won’t matter anymore…right? I appreciate the somewhat technopessimistic view; we need a few reminders to use our brain.

    • notificationsofnonsense

      Thanks. I hope it doesn’t get to the point where our brains and computers are one in the same. That would be the epitome of laziness and everyone would be equally as smart. How would there be competition in places such as the workforce? Anyway this piece was inspired by an article about how we (as general population) know about a lot more things but our depth of knowledge is not nearly as great as it used to be in previous generations.

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