Actuality Rhapsody

This is a poem for the brutality

and consequent misconstrued reality

(alarming congeniality)

of the misguided illusion of normality

and magazine mentality

of overt sexuality

And the Glamour Girl fetish of our gilded Age;

All the women who believe they are expected

to live their lives 20 pounds underweight,

all the men who want the perfect bod,

Big muscles and Hot dates;

The machoman and groupie skanks

who inadvertently shape our fates;

When the ingrained and institutionalized

American facade of freedom

Has you acting helpless and dependent

We’re just a little bit East of Eden…

And fourth grade girls

who want nice racks

and are conscious of their calories

And loathe the body they’ve been given;

Here’s one way to put it in words,

It’s sure a circus show we live in.


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I live in the Ocean and write poetry View all posts by marcofreschi

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