somehow i guess I just expect

that it’s going to happen,

that i don’t have to do anything at all

Just another year in the life,

thinking that if i want to walk

then first i’ve got to crawl

i want to believe that it’s true,

that it’s something anyone

at all can do,

but when i look in the mirror and sigh,

because i’m still the same me,

no matter how hard i try,

and i make the same dumb mistakes

and the same shitty calls,

same turnpike rest stop bathroom stalls,

i wonder if it’s possible

or if all those stories of change are hoaxes,

all those reformed men and women

are bogus,

and their act imposes

a false reality to the rest of us.

am i stubborn,

or am i simply because i am?

These are questions not for me,

that i’m sure can be solved

by Euclidean geometry,

but for now let’s try and see

if the adaptive imagination

of the human psyche,

with all it’s infinite potential,

can change

my apparently zodiac destiny,

and break me free from these

pleasantly self-destructive


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I live in the Ocean and write poetry View all posts by marcofreschi

2 responses to “change.

  • ayyandj

    Oh ! God!!
    Where are you?
    Every one says
    You are in everything
    You are in everywhere
    You are in light and Sound
    You are in all

    I could find you every time
    every where
    Even in dark and light
    I am able to see by my inner sight

    How it is possible you have created
    so much
    How it is possible you are ruling on

    My inner sight tells that God is in my

    Without my soul I remain nothing

    Oh God No one can measure you
    I am just falling on your feet and pray
    for your good wishes
    by Ayyan

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