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somehow i guess I just expect

that it’s going to happen,

that i don’t have to do anything at all

Just another year in the life,

thinking that if i want to walk

then first i’ve got to crawl

i want to believe that it’s true,

that it’s something anyone

at all can do,

but when i look in the mirror and sigh,

because i’m still the same me,

no matter how hard i try,

and i make the same dumb mistakes

and the same shitty calls,

same turnpike rest stop bathroom stalls,

i wonder if it’s possible

or if all those stories of change are hoaxes,

all those reformed men and women

are bogus,

and their act imposes

a false reality to the rest of us.

am i stubborn,

or am i simply because i am?

These are questions not for me,

that i’m sure can be solved

by Euclidean geometry,

but for now let’s try and see

if the adaptive imagination

of the human psyche,

with all it’s infinite potential,

can change

my apparently zodiac destiny,

and break me free from these

pleasantly self-destructive



Success by Rachel Forster

If I was successful would you put your arms around me

And remember the ways in which I’d changed your life?

Or would my success intimidate you?

Make you less likely to change the world?


Success will not ensure that you influence hearts

Nor guarantee you feel any more loved

The surprise truth is: to love equals success

 If you can accept who you are,

Whilst seeking to grow each day

And love others as their need is.

Then you have real success


You don’t need to be successful to have love

But you do need to love to be successful

180 degrees

180 degrees can change my life

as i sit here stabbing the air with this knife

should i turn around and end it now?

or continue this life beneath this frown?

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