This is what I’m all about

grab a pen

write it down

let your heart

fill up with sound

shout it loud

say it proud

say it one thousand

words per hour.

fill the air

with your breath

the voice you own

that baritone

yell it out

have no doubt,

“This is what

I’m all About!”

One response to “This is what I’m all about

  • ayyan DJ

    oh! god!!

    she has come back by the grace

    and thank god for his good some

    just today morning while recollection

    this day a long days back on 23rd of April

    1967 marriage took place at her naive

    in front of house a small gathering of

    my father, mother and relatives

    and her father, mother and relatives

    in a grand manner

    and this a long days passed our soul

    body still having goodness and i thank

    god for this life blessed

    i shall keep up this life in good manner

    till my last breath just the flow of water

    in the river that reaches the big ocean

    yes all the souls are under your control

    i praise the god and asking to give me

    strength the hold good and bad equals

    as nothing is of my own

    ayyandj 23042015

    Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2015 14:14:22 +0000 To:

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