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my wrist curls back

I feel the stick weighing

in my hand

as I propel it forward

to strike the head

of it.

the head vibrates




I cock back my foot

and give it

a swift kick

to the face.

Not once but





After another

stick to the face,

I rear back and

crash into it.

As my cymbal simmers,

my guitarist glances back

and nods

as if to say.

“you killed it”


Helping Hand

If you see me,

crying in the dark

don’t ask me where I’m from,

don’t ask me where I’ve been,

Just let me in.

If you see me,

begging on my knees

yelling “please, God, please”

with no answers to my pleas,

Just let me in.

Everyone has

some troubles in life.

Everyone has

some grief and strife.

Sometimes we need

a helping hand,

to bring us up

and help us stand.

Blink Vitae

i’m living as a sieve

a bucket brimming with sand

until the rice and ashes

slip through the fingers of the hand

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